What is the best sort of lawn to put in here in Colorado? It is a simple question that, unfortunately, has no easy answer. The type of lawn that will do best depends on exposure, elevation, slope and soils. All things being equal, however, we generally recommend a Bluegrass blend, developed for the Colorado climate. […]


I already have a landscape design. Can you work with that? Absolutely. In fact, we work with many of the top landscape designers in Colorado, implementing the plans according to the specifications they have drawn up. To see the schematic come to life is wonderful experience for everyone involved.


Do I need a permit to put up a new fence? In most cases, the answer is going to be yes. And in addition to the permit, you may also need to submit the plans for approval to your homeowners association. But do not worry, we will handle all the paper work for you and […]

Decks, Arbors and More – OH MY!

What sort of wood is best for decks? Heart of redwood remains the choice for most decks. It is good looking, strong and resistant to weather damage.You do have to treat it every year or so, depending on the weather and exposure, but redwood will provide many years of service.  Some clients have also had […]